Who Will Take My Pictures If I Travel Alone?

“How’s your Monday going?” We all know the type. We can’t help but resent someone enjoying themselves on holiday whilst we’re stuck at work, but neither can we resist doing exactly the same when it’s our turn to skip the country. How else will people know how much fun we’re having? Whether unwinding is on the cards or you simply want to absorb the different cultures (no, absorbing the local alcohol supply doesn’t count), sharing your holiday snaps to social media is as good as compulsory nowadays. Pictures have the remarkable ability to comfort, inspire, and elate, however travelling alone presents some obstacles for those looking to step up their selfie game.

These days the most popular pictures are those that invoke awe with the beauty of the landscape, whilst still drawing focus to a particular individual within the shot. They look sleek, stylish and more genuine than a simple backdrop alone. The problem is, it’s a little tricky to actually be in the picture when there isn’t anyone to take it for you, isn’t it? You could ask a stranger, but I doubt those flip-flops could stand up to a fully fledged pursuit when the inevitable happens. Thankfully there is a simple alternative for the solo traveller and no, it is not a selfie stick. All you need is a simple tripod and a Bluetooth shutter. A Bluetooth shutter, as you can probably guess, connects to your device via Bluetooth and allows you to take pictures remotely. Just position your camera/phone on the tripod, adjust until it is in the desired position, and click the shutter. It’s as simple as that.

For mobile users, I would recommend using the camera within the Instagram app; front-facing images are not flipped like those taken with the default camera (iPhone, I’m looking at you) and the resolution appears to be higher than the likes of Snapchat. Be aware that you cannot take multiple images in succession using this method, so a bit of patience is needed.









These items would be particularly beneficial to Bloggers, or in fact anyone looking to spice up their photography – done correctly, your pictures will look effortlessly stylish (like you have your own personal photographer!). At a collective price of around ten pounds, you hardly need to break the bank in order to achieve your #picturegoals.

Traveling alone can be enriching to an already incredible experience, however please be aware of the risks. For some tips on how to stay safe when travelling alone, check out LifeHacker’s How Can I Stay Safe While Traveling Alone?.

Happy snapping!

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