Convenient Nutrition

Getting back into the gym after a lengthy period away can be extremely difficult, but there are things you can do for your body to make the transition from couch potato to gym shark that little bit easier. So if you are picking up from where you left off or are trying something new, you are going to want to see this.

“But only professional athletes have enough time to dedicate to this sort of thing”. We are not all professional athletes. We do not all have the benefit of an entire team working behind us to ensure that our needs are met, however modern science is making the average person increasingly more aware of the nutritional needs of their body in respect of certain goals. Many of these sought after vitamins and minerals are only contained in small amounts within certain foods, which can make it difficult to give our bodies the fuel that it needs to improve.

This is where Convenient Vitamins comes in. The company was founded by personal trainers Miles Bailey and Matt Peake, who discovered that their own vitamin supplies were becoming nearly impossible to manage in everyday life. They saw a gap in the market for personalised vitamin packs and sought to drive the prevision of high quality nutrition in a method that is better suited to a busy daily routine. Simply select a program that best suits the goal you wish to achieve and everything else is done for you. Its really as easy as that. So what do you do? Follow them on Instagram (@ConVitsUK) or check out their offers here. From there you will be asked what goal you hope to achieve and subsequently which pack best suits it.

So what is available? There are a variety of packs available for both general fitness goals (bulking, cutting, endurance) or for specific sporting/exercise areas (cycling, MMA). If SOMEHOW you can’t find the right one for, you can simply build your own. There is no losing option here. Everything is taken care of for you. The pack I received (I opted for the Health and Fitness Pack) was presented in simple yet smart box, which was split into for trays – one for each week. The pack covers you seven days a week for the entire month. Simply pick up one of the sachets and go! When you run out of sachets for that week, move on to the next. Easy.

I have been using these vitamins for the last couple of weeks and I feel more motivated to not only go to the gym, but my performance whilst actually in the gym seems to have improved. I can workout for longer and push myself harder than i thought possible. Combined with a healthy diet, my body has everything it needs to function at its peak.

ConVits, and other like minded companies, are helping make it easier to integrate nutrition into our otherwise hectic lives, and I for one am thankful that an option like this is now available.

This is definitely the future of nutrition, and I am glad to have Convits at the forefront.

*As with every new pursuit doing your research is important, and if you have any doubts then there is no harm checking with your doctor prior to any change in your diet.

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